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Howdy! Thank you for visiting Alamo Pipe. We're located in El Paso, Texas since 1995. Alamo Pipe specializes in the oddball and hard to find. High yields and heavy walls in large diameter API5L X52, X60, X65, X70, ERW, DSAW, and seamless carbon steel pipe. We also offer large diameter, heavy wall surplus, structural, and used steel pipe.

Alamo Pipe also deals in stainless steel pipe and fittings. We get a lot of calls for (and can supply) cut to length pieces of carbon and stainless steel pipe, as well as well as all the pipe fittings. 

Click here for Carbon Steel Pipe Inventory.    Click here for Pipe Weight Chart.    Click here for Copper Tube and Fitting Pricing.


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Forged Steel Fittings - Black and Galvanized - Threaded - Socket Weld - 2000# 3000# 6000# 9000#

Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipe, Valves, Fittings and Flanges

Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipe Hangers and Supports

We Cut, Thread, Groove, and Bevel Pipe To Your Specification

We Offer Pickled and Oiled Pipe and Fittings

We Fabricate Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings To Your Specification

For more than 15 years, thousands of oil companies, engineers, mechanical contractors, manufacturing plants, water treatment plants, schools and universities around the world have visited our websites looking for something special. Be it fabricated pipe or fittings, or heavy wall pipe cut to a certain length or just something no one else wants to mess with. Alamo Pipe specializes in the oddball and hard to find pipe, valves and fittings.  We deal with all the major pipe companies and have access to all the pipe and services you will ever need.  Next time you need something like this in a hurry, give us a call. We're always open. Click here for our line card.


Alamo Pipe Inc.
El Paso, Texas

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